Product Management Skills

Why Design Thinking Matters

So why does design thinking matter for product management? Check out Brad Eiben in this video as he takes his class on a design-thinking journey that begins on the manufacturing floor of Toyota.

Product Management Education

Why Product Managers Are So Important

Famed author Geoffrey Moore, who wrote the best-selling book, “Crossing the Chasm”, speaks with aspiring product managers at CMU talking about the importance of product managers in driving customer engagement and user experience.

Lessons Learned

In Pursuit of the Checkered Flag: The Challenge of Developing a Driverless Race Car System

CMU Master of Science in Product Management program student Erick Valencia landed a PM experience of a lifetime as part…

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Product Executive in Residence, Brian Nejmeh Discusses Product Management at CMU

I’m excited to be named Product Executive in Residence (PXIR) at Carnegie Mellon University. This new PXIR role enables CMU…

Product Management Career

How a Software Engineering Career Started the Journey to Fintech Product Management

Ashwin Rao’s journey to becoming a product manager at Paypal started as a software engineer in India’s start-up industry, leading him to the realization that to achieve true success he needed to strengthen his business skills in product management.

Product Management Career

A Day in the Life of a Product Manager

A survey of Carnegie Mellon’s MSPM program alumni share what a day in the life of a product manager is like and how the skills learnt at CMU have helped them succeed in their product management lives.

Product Management Career

How A Product Management Internship Built A Future Career with Home Depot

Pranita Ramakrishnan, a 2019 graduate of the Master of Science in Product Management program at Carnegie Mellon University, landed an internship with Home Depot which lead to a job as a Product Manager on their Platform Team.

Product Management Career Product Management Education

How a Capstone Project Led to a Robust Future in Product Management

After nine years working as a systems engineer, applications engineer, software engineer and finally, a lead data engineer, Debashish Sasmal…

Product Management Career

Solving the right problem — The importance of design thinking in product management.

Product Management Career

Why Becoming a Product Manager is the Best Next Step for Your Tech Career.

Career need a kickstart? Imagine a future with impact! 9:00 p.m. on Sunday night…  Dread sets in… It’s the sensation…