Why Becoming a Product Manager is the Best Next Step for Your Tech Career.

Career need a kickstart? Imagine a future with impact!

9:00 p.m. on Sunday night…  Dread sets in…

It’s the sensation of knowing tomorrow will feel like the past 99 Mondays. You’ll sign in, then zombie-walk through a day of routine engineering tasks to patch old patches as everyone around sprints to meet a product ship date that only matters to your boss’s boss.  

Your dreams will soon be disrupted by questions like:

  • Who wants this product?
  • What need will it serve?
  • Is it better than the competition?
  • Is anybody willing to pay for it?
  • What’s the point of my work?

How many more Mondays are you willing to dance to the same old tune? Sure, you’re making decent money and you have skills. You have the company mug and branded Zoom background. You even know all the inside jokes with Natalie and Shane from Accounts Payable. You’ve become comfortably numb. Are you really going anywhere, though?  

product management your next step in your tech career

Make a Real Difference with a MS in Product Management

Wouldn’t it be better to steer your ship? Wouldn’t guiding a cross-functional team toward solving the right problems bring more meaning to your career? To your team’s and your customers’ lives?  You can own these responsibilities as a Product Manager. 

Sounds like a big job, right?  Well, we’ve got you covered. 

Carnegie Mellon University is the place for tomorrow’s Product Managers. Our Master of Science in Product Management (MSPM) is a one-year, focused degree featuring access to CMU’s top-ranked School of Computer Science and Tepper School of Business.

At CMU, you’ll learn the business, design, leadership and technical skills necessary to bring new life to your career. Our program attracts students who’ve had successful backgrounds in fields like engineering, project management, and marketing,  and are ready to broaden their skills and tackle exciting product management challenges.

We’re now accepting applications for classes beginning in January 2022, and we’re happy to answer your questions.

Life is too short to sleepwalk through another Monday.  Why not apply?

Brad Eiben is the Interim Executive Director for the MS in Product Management Program at CMU. For more than 20 years, Eiben has successfully developed and directed teams across industries, engineering disciplines, and corporate cultures, including MSA and Toyota. He brings a passion for cross-functional product management, user-centered process design and development, lean thinking, and strategic resource and risk management to the MSPM program and our students.