Product Management Career

Women Succeeding in the World of Product Management

“Growing up in the 1970’s, I watched The Bionic Woman and Charlie’s Angels. They became my female role models and…

Product Management Skills

In Product Management, it’s Not About the Big Idea. It’s About the Problem You Need to Solve.

In reality, there are already too many ideas. Maybe even too many big ideas. That’s the bad news. Here’s the good…

Product Management Career

Product Management: A Field Where There is Great Power in Saying ‘No’

I sat in a meeting about business strategy recently and one of the pieces of advice I gave the leadership…

Product Management Career

Would-Be Product Manager’s Instruction Manual

People often describe a product manager as “CEO of the Product.” This sounds appealing, but the reality is that product…

Product Management Skills

The Skills It Takes To Become a Product Manager

To become a great Product Manager, takes a lot of skills — business acumen, technical smarts and emotional intelligence.  Many parts will…

Product Management Questions

Where Does Product Management Fit?

Recently a CEO asked me if the marketing department should include product management and marketing communications. His concern was that…

Product Management Career

Executive Director’s Perspective on how to become a product manager

I wasn’t supposed to end up here in my career. Seriously. I am, as they say in academic circles, “from…

Product Management Questions

How to become a product manager: Five questions for would-be Product Managers

Product managers are made not born. If you’re thinking about how you might become a product manager, start by asking…

Lessons Learned

Four Lessons I Learned As a Young Product Manager that Still Guide Me Today

  Early in my career I worked with a great fellow product manager, Greg Strouse, who became a lifelong friend….