Product Management Career

Product Management: A Field Where There is Great Power in Saying ‘No’

I sat in a meeting about business strategy recently and one of the pieces of advice I gave the leadership…

Product Management Career

Would-Be Product Manager’s Instruction Manual

People often describe a product manager as “CEO of the Product.” This sounds appealing, but the reality is that product…

Product Management Skills

The Skills It Takes To Become a Product Manager

To become a great Product Manager, takes a lot of skills — business acumen, technical smarts and emotional intelligence.  Many parts will…

Product Management Questions

Where Does Product Management Fit?

Recently a CEO asked me if the marketing department should include product management and marketing communications. His concern was that…

Product Management Career

Executive Director’s Perspective on how to become a product manager

I wasn’t supposed to end up here in my career. Seriously. I am, as they say in academic circles, “from…

Product Management Questions

How to become a product manager: Five questions for would-be Product Managers

Product managers are made not born. If you’re thinking about how you might become a product manager, start by asking…

Lessons Learned

Four Lessons I Learned As a Young Product Manager that Still Guide Me Today

  Early in my career I worked with a great fellow product manager, Greg Strouse, who became a lifelong friend….